Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dear Oregon State,

Last weekend I took a trip up to your lovely campus to see my little sister graduate from college.

First let me comment on what a beautiful location you've chosen for yourself. The Willamette valley is one of the most breathtaking places on the planet. It is so green and intense that I felt like I was driving through a mural. Also, Corvallis itself is adorable. There were so many gorgeous old houses with character and charm. And the intense scent of the mint fields just up the road made my olfactory senses reel in nirvana.

However, there were a few things about the trip that I feel compelled to point out. I do this, not because I am a complainer, but because I feel like if you don't know what is wrong you can never fix it. And I'm all about being helpful.

There should be some kind of warning as soon as you enter the valley to anyone who has hayfever to pick up their SARS mask before driving any further. I had the worst allergies of my life this weekend. My head felt like exploding. Although the Pollyanna in me did come out when I realized I probably lost 5 lbs in snot alone.

Also, after receiving their degrees almost half of the student body just got up and walked out of the ceremony. By the time the handing out of the degrees was done the seats down on the field, intended for the graduates to enjoy one last celebratory moment together, were half way emptied. All of the Masters students had left even before the undergrads had even got anything! I felt like it was very tacky and rude not to wait to support the others. I've never seen anything like it. My thoughts were this, "if you don't want to sit through the ceremony and don't want to walk that's fine...Don't come to the ceremony. But don't come, sit through all of the pomp and circumstance for 2 hours and leave before my little sister (whose last name starts with a W and was part of the last department to walk) has a chance to get hers. Its all or nothin folks"

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.

Go Beavs!



PS My dad thought your stadium was awesome.

PPS Serving concessions during graduation is a genius move.


poodle said...

concessions at graduation?!?! i want to go!

Heather said...

Concessions, and still half the seats were empty? Maybe the University was trying to fix the problem with incentives? Maybe last year there was only 1/4 of the seats still full by the end?

Ps I walk in August. Finally!

Anonymous said...

Boo Oregon State! Go Ducks!(I went to U of Oregon for my undergrad...)

And yes... that is some crazy hayfever. In fact, Linn County, which is the one right next to OSU (i.e. a mile away to the county line or so) is the "Grass Seed Capital of the World". Let's just say that, in Eugene (45 minutes from Corvallis), us Oregonians had fun watching the Californians who came up for college suffer through their first allergy season. :) And the 8 months of rain, too.

Anonymous said...

I just think it's funny their mascot is a beaver ... *snicker*


k said...

I've been down to Corvallis twice and it is really pretty!

Good thing I didn't end up there, I don't know if I could handle the allergy attacks.

Maggie said...

Maybe it was the water the alumni committe had sitting on every gradutate's seat. They all drank it then had to pee really REALLy bad!

Anth said...

I guess no one warned you nearby Linn County is the Grass Seed Capital of the World.

I wish that was a joke.