Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Gift Guide: Baker

Aside from the nesting prep bowls (which I already have and LOVE) any of these would rock my world, so I'm sure any other baker would probably love them too.

1. Fleur de sel $12.50

2. Escali Primo Digital Scale $25

3.Emile Henry pie plate $44

4.Bench Scraper $7

5.Glass nesting prep bowls $30

1 comment:

Anth said...

I have a digital scale, different brand but same approx price, and I love it and use it tons. Not for baking, though that is why I initially bought it. For oodles of other things - measuring out a pound of beans, seeing how many dried cherries is a serving, I've even used it to check if I need an extra stamp on a letter. Can you tell I am in love with my scale? Lol