Friday, December 18, 2009

She whom bears the mark

Since moving to our new house the ear doctor and I have change the church congregation we attend. I was a little nervous about meeting 150+ new people. I hoped we'd find some new friends: cool couples we could have over for dinner, little kids we could play with before and after the meetings, older mentor figures we could learn from and look up to.

And guess what, this new group of folks have not let us down. We've felt so totally welcomed and embraced!

The first week we were there I noticed a young mother of 2 little girls. She seemed really nice and her kids were adorable...but do you know what really caught my eye? She was wearing an awesome headband with 3 big felt flowers on the side of her head.

After church I commented to the ear doctor about her and he said, "yeah, I saw her too. Did you see her headband? I bet she's a blogger."

And I bet he was right. Can I help it if after 5.5 years of doing this I'm drawn bloggers?


{Erica} said...

This made me laugh because I've had a very similar conversation with my husband. It's a good thing to be drawn to bloggers no?

Jeanelle said...

I love that your husband suspected she was a blogger based on her headband. Hilarious!!!

Raven said...

I want that headband!