Monday, January 03, 2011

My review

Since I spent the holidays in Orem this year I was bound and determined to eat at some of the new resturants people here in the blog-land have been raving about.

First, we tried Pizzeria 712. Awesome! Fabulous! I learned that I am crazy-in-love with speck.

Second, we had lunch at Communal in Provo. While the food was stellar and the interior of the restuaurant totally dreamy I thought the portion size to price ratio was a little lopsided. Too expensive to be a regular stop for this girl.

And last, we hit up SLAB pizza. No one told us it was in the basement of the Campus Plaza apartment complex! My freshmen roommate lived there her sophmore year so I already had tons of warm memories associated with the building! Then we stepped in and was hit with the most delicious aroma. The ear doctor and I gorged ourselves and left feeling perfectly satisfied.

How do you know you're having a great vacation, Katie-style? Your fist is full of cheesy pizza and both of the external pockets of your purse are buldging with boxes of candy!

Seems like the food in the valley is getting better with each passing year!


Morgan said...

Sounds perfect! My favorite way to celebrate is definitely with food! :)

dad said...

When did you try all those eateries? we did get to make a trip to the Brazillian BBQ.