Monday, January 17, 2011

How was your weekend?

Friday night I hosted a real, honest to goodness slumberparty for 4 of the high school girls that attend my church.

And I'm pretty sure it was a raging success. What do you think? All of the following activities were accomplished:

-Rabid consumption of multiple pounds of M&M's

-Girl talk about our celebrity crushes

-Cute, perfect little faces covered in bright green facial masks

-Boy advice given to girls who were only just slightly younger than 16

-Karaoke to Disney songs

-Prank calls at 1:30 am

-Nails shined and polished

-Ice cream consumed

-My entire living room floor covered in tired sleepy girls in sleeping bags at 3 am while a chick flick plays on the TV in the background

I even still have my fingernail polish on...which is quite a feat for this girl....

...I probably only have it because all my remover was used in a single night. It's hard to pick what color you like best when you're 15!


Hannah said...

Sounds like the most fun. I need my 14 year old sister to come and stay. P.S. I love your hat

dad said...

Good Work