Thursday, January 12, 2012

old dogs can learn new tricks

Getting older is kind of weird. Cool, but weird.

For example:

My dad has always loved football. Even though he didn't have any sons of his own, he still dedicated significant amounts of his free time to coaching little league football. My sister and I were both little league cheerleaders for his team.

Once we got too old for little league, he got an opportunity to coach for a semi-pro football team.

My dad is a guy's guy and always has been. Not macho, per se, but defiantly masculine.

Except today I called him during lunch to talk and I found out he was baking scones. At first I thought maybe someone asked mom to bring something to a church function and then she realized she'd be out of town and he was covering for her.


He was baking scones. For himself. For lunch. And that's not all. He has recently become a bread baking aficionado.

I doubt he ever would have done this kind of stuff in his early years, but I think it is so cool that my dad is still learning new hobbies. Weird...but cool.

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Maggie said...

I don't think it's surprising. He's always been cooking stuff for us. It's just that usually he adds things. Like maybe cool whip to scrambled eggs.