Wednesday, April 11, 2012

commuting cogitation

This morning on my drive into work I got to thinking about my little sister.

My parents and her in-laws live about 15 minutes from each other in the town where we went to high school. It's a great place, but I can't see myself realistically ever moving back there. Their aerospace engineering industry leaves something to be desired.

But my little sister told me that she and her husband would really like to be back there someday.

So this morning I was picturing what her life might be like if she moves back there, they buy a beautiful farm house out on the agricultural area away from nosy neighbors and they live their life. What would I be doing today if I were living here future, idyllic, pastoral life?

I decided that today would be the day that I make strawberry jam and fresh baked bread while the kids are away at school.

And suddenly living in the place I grew up started to seem absurdly appealing.


Unknown said...

I never knew Maggie and Dan would like to be back there someday. We want to move back to Utah someday after PA school. It has been nice being close to family. It's also nice that we can fly though :)

Thanks for the yellow package! The owl plate is rad!

dad said...

We like it, and we love our Grandkids!!!!!!!!!

Maggie said...

That pastoral life sounds good to me right now too considering I got a total of about 4.5 hours of non-contiguous sleep last night.

Janssen said...

That sounds pretty awesome to me!