Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another great find

I'm a mechanical engineer.

Growing up I disassembled every pen I got my hands on to see the different parts and figure out how they work. That's what I do. Which is probably why these prints appeal to me so strongly.

I can't tell you how much I would love this entire series by Brittny badger to hang on the walls of my house. As someone who loves the domestic arts, machinery, and photography these are right up my alley!

Found via Design Mom.

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CageQueen said...

Your comment on my blog was spot on. Couldn't have said t better myself. It is soooo much easier to dish to strangers rather than face people you know. But rest assured, your was not one of the blogs that has been disappointing me. Of course, I'd love some juicy stuff but I also love your blog as-is. I miss the food posts! :) I jad to start a different blog just so I could say more than I could on the one I knew certain people read. I can send you the link if you want. Writing helps me be vulnerable and feel, which can be hard when you know your family is looking, LOL. OK, rambling over....