Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Corniest person in America

Last night as I drove away from dropping the ear doctor off at the airport I had my little puppy sitting on the front seat beside me and I was listening to the country station. Suddenly, those old familiar notes of Lee Greenwood's classic I'm proud to be an American: God Bless the USA came on.

I don't know if it's the Olympic fever or what, but I brazenly lowered my windows, pumped up the jam and belted out those lyrics. The punk rock kid listening to Bad Religion in the car next to me started dry heaving a little. Even Roscoe was rolling his eyes at how utterly dorky it was.

Then, I came home. Plopped on the couch and satisfied my guilty pleasure by watching the Notebook. The ear doctor will no longer watch this movie with me because I become a sobbing little pile of jello with tears cascading down my cheeks.

Could there be a more nerdy combination of activities for one night? I think not.

Clearly, the ear doctor is away for a a week. Otherwise this level of nerdery would never be attained. He's in California this week helping his parents move. And I miss him already.


Olivia said...

There are few things I love more than rolling down the windows, pumping up a cheesy song (most recently, "forever in blue jeans") and singing my little heart out. You. Are. AWESOME.

CageQueen said...

You should've come with him!! My hubby and I could've taken you all around the sights whil the Ear Doctor moved.

I love that song, too.

Anth said...

I cry during that song EVERY TIME.

There are correct times for estrogen fests. Your husband being gone for a week is one of them. That sucks. But at least you are using the time wisely. :D

Greeneyes said...

Way to rock the nerdfest. ; )

Hope that your week speeds past. Whenever my hubby leaves town, I eat/watch/listen to all the things that we don't jointly love. (Pedicures, Project Runway, cereal for dinnner...) It makes the leap back into common territory that much more fun.