Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Saturday night the ear doctor and I went to one of the coolest venues on the planet to see Yonder Mountain String Band. It was awesome. Probably the funnest show I've been to in a long, long time.

We got their early and got some pretty great seats. I was happy to be there:

The ear doctor was thrilled. That is until we noticed that this might be a naked audience show.

That's shocking.

I haven't been to Red Rocks in a while, and didn't know about this new method to save seats. You send one poor sap down to lay out a tarp so that a bunch of your friends don't have to come early. This kid was saving about 24 seats all by himself. Not really sure what I think about that.

Then the show got rockin and the ear doctor and I were hoe-ing down. It was freaking awesome. Especially when I noticed this guy holding and infant about 20 rows down from us.

What, you can't really see the baby in that blurry picture? How about now?

All in all, the concert was so fun. Tons of bluegrass energy, lots of dread-locked hippies, and I didn't get one spec of barf on my feet. A total success.


TRS said...

I also think there should be guidelines with the saving seats issue.

At an outdoor venue (like a concert and fireworks in the park) go ahead and lay down a bunch of blankets and save for your friends... you were early you earned it.
But at something with limited seating (Red Rocks - Movie Theater)... sorry... I think you should only be able to save 2 seats in addition to your own.

Easter Sunday tends to get my goat. All these people show up that you NEVER see the entire rest of the year... and send one person to save 15 seats. Ah. No. If you want to sit with 15 people, bring 5 of them with you.

That happened this Easter. My boyfriend was the lector and I got there a half hour early and there were no seats left due to all of the empty 'saved' seats. Grr.

dltim said...

Wow! I cannot believe how much your hair has grown since I saw you last. What was that only Megan's wedding? You look great.

Greeneyes said...

Love Red Rocks. I went to the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss concert earlier this summer, and that was also one rockin' night of bluegrass-tinged sounds. Glad you had fun!

Tyler said...

I've always wondered how they pick the person that is going to save the seats.

Well lets see Jimmy is crazy but kind of small. Matt is big, but kind of a sissy. O' right, Bruce. He smells bad and looks like he just got out of the state lock up. He'll do great.

Looked like fun.