Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sort of need

Saw these today and decided that I probably need them.

I'm pretty sure they're biodegradable. I can't be sure becuase the whole site is in German, but I bet "recyclebaren" is a good sign.

However, since they're made in Germany and definatly not in the budget I guess I'll just continue taking handfulls of doggie bags provided by my apartment complex. Not nearly as cute or cleaver, but their FREE-ness makes up for that.


Janssen said...

Wow, you look FANTASTIC in that picture. Great hair, great necklace!

Greeneyes said...

Is that, perhaps, the "Daisy" dress? I just got mine a couple of weeks ago during the marvelous Shabby Apple sale....most excellent with red patent pumps and a wide belt! And you look smashing.

Katie said...


Jeez, thanks for being so nice.

It is the Daisy. It's the other dress the ear doctor got me for my birthday. Shabby Apple's sale was well supported in our house.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you look hot.

dad said...

What is a shabby apple?