Friday, August 08, 2008

The life I want

I want to have a life in the future where I get up early and work in my huge madly producing garden. I want to be out there alone to feel the coolness of the summer day and feel the stillness of the morning.

I want to come in to wake up my children with smiles and the BYU cougar fight song. I want to teach them to be morning me.

I want to sit around a table in a small kitchen that is inviting and has bright beams of light pouring through the windows. I want to sit across from the ear doctor and love him more that morning that I've loved him the day before.

I want to create a place where fun and laughter reverberate off the walls and where kitchen dancing is a daily occurrence.

I want to teach my children to think of others and perform service every day. I want them to feel the joy of making someone's day.

I want to eat food saturated with the flavor of hard work and love.

I want to have a house dedicated to worshipping what is right and true. A place where respect and acceptance is understood. A place were unconditional love for all people is fostered and judgement is left in the hands of one infinitely more qualified to do so.

Thanks for the inspiration to write this down today, Nie Nie.


TRS said...

That sounds truly lovely.
Good goals.

Although I have to point out if you happen to have a child who is NOT a morning person... they're going to RESENT your chipper morning self. It won't be pretty!

I believe if someone is truly not a morning person... there is no changing them. It's in our blood.

Dan's mom said...

Very nicely phrased. May all this be yours.

Tyra said...

very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Like our mom you are a morning person. I am NOT!. Get up when you have to but not a second before.
grandma jane

Anne said...

my mom used to wake me up with the Cougar fight song. I hated it for so many reasons. Not quite sure, but maybe that's why I'm a Ute fan...

Lindsay said...

This is really sweet and makes me smile.

I'd knock out the BYU and specifically religious references and add some other things instead, but really it's quite similar to what I wish for. :)