Friday, August 15, 2008

Quick update

Today it is gray, cold and rainy and I am LOVING it! As a child of the friendly Northwest, this weather makes me want to curl up in a corner with a new book and go to town.

However, I have to be responsible today and get SOOO much done. Gotta run, but before I do I want to mention 2 things.

First, ANY job is better when you get an unexpected 6% raise like I did yesterday. I'm seeing through rose colored glasses a the moment.

Second, my mom is coming to Colorado this weekend to visit and celebrate her birthday. I can't wait for her to get here so I can show her a great time. Or maybe I'll buy her a new book and a new pair of wool socks and we'll sit together reading, surrounded by the sound of rain pounding on the roof.


Janssen said...

Woohoo on the raise!

Also, rainy days definitely make me want to read and drink hot chocolate.

Greeneyes said...

Props on your raise! Man, I think I'm in the wrong industry...

And I'm feeling the love on this rainy day myself. Excellent prelude to an evening of hot chocolate & Olympian-watching!