Friday, September 03, 2004

Bring on the Humble Pie

So turns out I don't know what I'm doing. This morning I sat in front of my boss and realized that I don't remember the basic physics required to be a good engineer. The really frustrating thing is that I remember totally understanding all of this stuff and really liking it. What the heck happened? Somewhere inbetween graduating and today I've forgotten about 75% of everything I learned in school. Not only was I really embarrassed and frustrated because I couldn't sum the moments to be zero correctly, but it made me worried about grad school. I'm going to be surrounded by all these kids that just graduated and have all this info fresh in their minds. I'll be the slow kid in the class asking all the annoying questions which the the professor just answered. Yikes. I haven't been nervous about going back to school at all until today.

I went over and borrowed a physics book from my friend. Like an idiot I used mine for a sled 2 winters ago. Never thought I'd need it again and the bookstore wouldn't buy it back.

Anyway, I think tonight we're going to go play bingo with old people. I'm stoked. Old people can be really funny. plus, there's always the chance I'll win the jackpot of $1,000. I'd be better for me to win it than anyone else because I'll be alive long enough to really enjoy it. I think I'd buy a brand spankin new set up of ski gear. That'd be dreamy. Only 3 more months until the resorts open. Ah.......


Maggie said...

Don't worry about being the slow kid in class. I've been that in every chemistry class I've ever taken in college. I think today was a turn around though. We had a pop quiz today in my o-chem class and I think I got all but one of them right! I was super stoked. Plus, I wasn't the last one out of class. It was great! Anyway, you've always been the super smart one in your classes. It would be good for you to experience the other side of the spectrum for once. Maybe you'd appreciate it more.

Once I was in my chem112 class and the professor called on me to go up to the board to write out this problem and how the reaction went. So I go up there and the problem didn't look too bad, but once I got up there my mind went blank. Nothing in there. I couldn't even remember what type of reaction it was. And plus I'm a redhead so as soon as that happened my face went bright red. I couldn't do anything so the professor walked me through the whole thing step by agonizing step in front of the whole class. This wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been THE VERY PROBLEM FROM THE HOMEWORK I'D DONE THE NIGHT BEFORE! I felt so stupid. Needless to say the professor never called on me again in class.....EVER.

Kim Dubois said...

Um...Katie? I think I might shrivel up and die if you don't write anything today. Your blog is like my medicine. I need it to survive. Please come back!