Friday, September 24, 2004

An ode to Norah

No other Thursday
could be half so grand
as yesterday's was,
throughout all the land.

After leaving work early
I chanced to walk
Down Pearl Street in Boulder
past bums, street performers, and artistic renderings in chalk.

I went to my store,
Common Era, its name,
But found no good deals,
A crying shame.

The day was so nice
the weather so fair
I kept my spirits up;
Felt the breeze in my hair.

I went to another place,
Abercrombie by name
And found some shirts to die for
Playing the capitalist, consumer game.

As I left the store
with a feeling of triumph,
I noticed a girl:
Covered in tattoos and piercings, looking definant

She noticed my bag,
then my Norstrom pants and Jcrew sweater
I'm sure she thought
that her choice in life was better.

Hopped in my car,
Raced home like a jet
I was going to have
the best night of my week yet.

My friend Derek and I
had great plans ahead
I grew giddy as I realized
what would happen before I returned to my bed.

We drove out to Red Rocks
the best venue ever
We sat in anticipation
He tried to be clever

The show started up
Norah looked like a dream
When she sang "Don't miss you at all"
I thought my heart would scream

The night was cold,
Freezing in fact,
But she still did an encore
She's a complete class act.

As we drove home from the show
I took a moment to think
Of all the great people I've known, loved, and learned from
And my fears started to shrink

My life is great,
I've got great friends who care
Norah Jones will never know
Of what her concert made me aware.


katezmom said...

Is this a different Derek than the old Derek, or was the old one passing through town?

Maggie said...

Great Poem!

Katie said...

Different Derek...

I wish the old Derek would pass through town sometime.

Mika said...

Great poem. :) And, Norah Jones is great, I love her stuff.