Thursday, September 16, 2004

What to do...What to do

Here's a situation most of my co-workers can't relate to:

This guy I work with constantly refers to me as his angel. I don't really like it, but I don't really know how to tell him to knock it off because he's a pretty good friend. Plus, he's been doing it since last November when we worked on a different program together. I didn't really mind it in the beginning because I thought it was kind of funny, since I would hardly catagorize myself as angelic. Now it kind of irritates me, but I let it go on so long that he thinks its alright. Do I just suck it up and let some 40 yr old guy call me his angel? Sometimes I hate being a girl in a male dominated field.


katezmom said...

I once had a guy who called me his muse. I thought at first it was OK, then weird since I didn't know him that well, just worked with him. I realized that it wasn't demeaning or belittling so I just let it ride. Your call.

Anonymous said...

One time my dad said I was gay because I got my ear pierced. He even bought me a pink pair of shorts. I decided I was going to kick his butt for it, but then he threw me over the couch. Hope this helps.

the narrator said...

kick him in the nuts... that'll teach him a lesson