Thursday, December 02, 2004

How to perform an at home chemical peel

Have you ever touched the hand of a little baby and were amazed by the softness of their skin? Well, that smooth, silky blemish free skin can be yours!

I'm sure you've tried everything: lotions, toners, and I'm sure some of you out there have even tried botox.

Well, there is a revolutionary way to get that amazingly youthful skin...A chemical peel.

I know, I know, a lot of you out there are saying, "Jeez, Katie, I don't have the time or the money to go to a dermatologist to get that kind of treatment.

Well, look no further. I have a solution for you.

Step 1: Draw a nice and hot bath.
Step 2: Put on your favorite CD, preferably one without words so that the experience and ambiance are just right.
Step 3: Get your favorite book from childhood. That one that just makes you smile when you read it.
Step 4: Get in the bath and let the horrible day that you've had just melt away. Forget about the nasty sore throat you have and the rather painful discussion you had with your boyfriend the night before.
Step 5: Unwrap the special glycerin soap that your mom got you while you were home visiting for Thanksgiving.
Step 6: Inhale the wonderful cinnamon aroma from the soap.
Step 7: Dunk the soap in the water and be impressed by how wonderfully slippery and slidey really mild glycerin soap is.
Step 8: Use the soap to shave your legs
Step 9: Suddenly notice an intense burning coupled with itching sensation everywhere you've touched the soap to your innocent flesh.
Step 10: Use the scrubber that you usually reserve for getting the calluses off your feel to scratch your flesh raw to alleviate the itching.
Step 11: Jump out of the water when you've realized what has happened.
Step 12: Stare down at your naked legs and be amazed how the brilliant shade of red that is rapidly appearing.
Step 13: Realize that cinnamon oil and fair, red-head's skin are a bad combination.
Step 14: Fall asleep with lotion caked on your legs because that is the only thing that soothes the intense, searing heat.
Step 15: Awake in the morning with stubbley, but incredibly lubricated legs.

It's that easy!


Maggie said...

That is so awesome! I had a similar experience with the soap that mom gave me. The only difference was that I didn't burn my legs. I just relaxed in the tub and shaved. Hope your legs are getting better and that you're ok with your boyfriend!

katezmom said...

Wow! Both of you? Throw that stuff away. Wish I'd saved the lady's name that made it. I'm afeerd to try it now.

Katie said...

Mom, you would get an F on the SAT reading comprehension test. Maggie said that she DIDN'T get burned by the soap.

Anonymous said...

Rachel read about the chemical peel with intense interest. Then commented, "Oh, I thought that was an exclamation point after the last e in the title." ...only Rachel... ly auntie m