Thursday, December 09, 2004

Dear James,

I got a message from my sister today. I guess she saw you on campus and you asked her if I was going inactive. I don't know how you could have inferred that from my post a couple of days ago, but I just want to allay your fears. No, I'm not going inactive. Actually, quite the opposite. I am more involved in my ward here at CU than I was at any student ward at BYU. I just see my religion and my commitment in a different light than I did a few years ago. I think that's a good fact I think it is an integral thing. If people remained at the same level of understanding in ANY aspect of their lives they aren't really living, progressing, or growing. And when you get down to it, that is really the basis of our whole religion...Growing "precept on precpt" right?

Yours Always,


Anonymous said...


Frankly, I was concerned. However, I am not really inclined to discuss this on such an open forum in cyberspace. I only hope the best for you. In fact, I just wanted to stay out of the fray, and that's why I didn't respond. In the most direct way, here is what I meant to say when I spoke with your sister:

I regard our friendship and respect you as a person. I read your sister's blog about how talented and amazing you are, and I could not agree more. To those who read her blog and don't really know her but enjoy her rather candid portrayal of her life, Katie is tremendously quick, deftly acute of her environment, can cackle with the best, and is extremely loyal.

You see...I am simply your friend who wishes you nothing but joy. I know that true joy is in the Gospel. I say that unequivocally. I was not raised with it, and I know what is life without it. I have seen the signs of inactivity recently in my sister, and she now has slipped away for the moment. I know that "activity" is really a condition of the heart followed by action. For anyone can go through the motions.

I recently heard that the door of history swings on small hinges, and how true it is! It is the little things. I believe that the greatest weapon Satan uses on us is the degradation of hope in our lives-to feel that all is for naught, that our dreams and hopes will not be realized. You have such a bright future, and I am sure that Satan works hard on you. Period.

Brigham Young once said that we are all a step away from apostasy. In this light, to ask if you are going inactive is really just a rhetorical question to Brigham. I don't think I was overreacting with my question, but I am sorry if that offended you. In an age when so much of what is right and what is wrong is blurred, mixed, and construed, we must stand up for what is right. And there is right and wrong. I frankly disagree with the whole immodesty issue. But that's my opinion. I think there is a tendency to relax our standards when all around us people are doing likewise. As a Boulderite, I know the dress code there. But what makes a woman elegant, what makes a woman precious, is the ability to tantalize without ever showing it. As a common example, a simple gesture of opening the door is regarded as a chivalrist act, one of kindness, and akin to most gentlemen. But watch the man who, despite being in a hurry, opens the door, and then he earns that right of being called a gentlemen. Call me a traditionalist, call me many things, but these are my standards.

Basically, it is a true friend that will tell it like it is. I hope to be a true friend to you Katie. I don't really know your life right now, except through this blogger and sporadic emailing, or occasional conversations on the phone when you are in town. But I feel like you are basically the same person I knew 2 years ago...just a little more grown-up. I hope to always stay in contact with you for I think you are rad and awesome, and I love looking through your lens, and I am sorry if I offended you.

Your friend,

Unknown said...

I had a long reply written out... but don't want to cause more controversy (ugh!) so will email it to you! Don't have your email add. so will you please email me?

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

This is James-
I am not trying to cause any controversy, nor perpetuate contention. I was responding because I was somewhat called out by you, Katie through the internet. If you want to talk, email me directly.