Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Completely Mistaken

I thought over the past year I had made some real friends at work. We laugh and joke and get along really well all day long. We go out from drinks (I get diet coke) after work. I've met most of their wives and kids.

I was mistaken.

I've walked around all morning, led meetings, stood up in front of rooms of people and none of them bothered to tell me that my fly was down the entire time.

I hate it when reality hits me like that.


Anonymous said...

Well ... you live and learn OR ... they didn't notice either.

Mrs. Architect said...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you were so brilliant in your leading and standing that they didn't even notice.

Maggie said...

Remember Aunt Marci and the Oreos?

JP said...

yeah...that's wrong.

Unknown said...

i'm so sorry. they are losers;)