Friday, June 17, 2005


In 3rd grade I was playing out in the field during recess. We found a ball and put together a little game of kick-ball.

During the first ups it was my turn to kick and my best friend's twin sister yelled something really mean to me. My feelings were so hurt that I started to cry and ran back into the building vowing to never play kick-ball again.

Last night I broke that vow.

I've been recruited into a kick-ball league.

Yep, you read that correctly, I am voluntarily joining a competitive team sport.

(pause for audible gasp)

Well, we had a double header last night. We lost the first game (barely), but it was ok because we all played really well. The ear doctor bought a pretty pink Disney princess bicycle horn to use as our mascot and motivator. You'd get a honk everything you did something great. I got honked twice!

Between games our coach brought Capri Suns and sliced us grapefruit (she meant to get oranges, but kind of blanked and got the wrong fruit).

The second game we played against a bunch of ex-frat boys and dominated them. It was poetic because they took one look at our team make mostly of PhD audiology students and thought they'd dust us off.

Hooray for us.

And kickball.

BTW our team name is GGWG which stands for "Glitter Girls and Warfare Guys." Yeah, we're totally hardcore.


Dan said...

One of my friends is in a competitive dodgeball league.

I love our generation.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to your second childhood. You get to do all the stuff again with better self esteem and coordination. The third starts when you have children. Most cheerleader moms go astray in this stage.

Glad you beat the fraternity boozers. I was a former fraternity member. It just proves physics ALWAYS beats alcohol/chemistry.

Hope you get honked a lot by the ear Dr. this season! Hmmm ....


Mrs. Architect said...

Oh, how fun!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, I don't know whether to laugh or cry :)

Honk honk. I'm laughing. You crack me up, Katie!! :) :)

SRA said...

Yes, I definitely know Poodle. She's the best. And yes, if I come out to Boulder, I'll be in touch. :) Glad you like sounds like a wonderful place! ~~

Katie said...

sra, do you know Nicole Cox? She also served in the Spokane Spanish speaking mission and is our same age.