Friday, June 02, 2006

The Hills

Alright, I have to admit something that is slightly embarrassing.

I am a total sucker for high school teen dramas.

Yesterday I left work early and went to see Just my Luck and guess what....I thought it was decent. Predictable, yes. Cheesy, yes. Just like every other movie in this genre, yes. An enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, yes.

Knowing this, you can't really be surprised when I also admit that I liked watching Laguna Beach. It was bizarre to watch those highschoolers and to realize that that was reality for some people. Some people really did go to high school with people who could all be found in the pages of the latest Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue.

Consequently, I was mildly interested in the new show "The Hills" which follows one of the Laguna kids up to LA to keep filming this person's life. Last night I got around to watching it (thankyou DVR).

It was retarded.

It made me mad that because this person is on MTV she got a very coveted internship with a fashion magazine and she can barely even write. Then, her only job at some dumb celebrity party was to keep people from sitting on a few chairs and she couldn't even do that. It just bugs me knowing that there is probably a ton of people out there who are hard working, smart, ambitious people who would die for that job and here is this MTV kid getting their job and screwing it all up. Ugh.

And her little friend Heidi? When she was in an interview with the dean of her new fashion college she flat out told the dean that she pretty much doesn't care about school and just wants to party. A few times the camera panned back to her face and the only adjective I could think of was vapid.

So why is it that I have total patience for these characters last year when they were in high school and now that they're in the "real world" I can't handle it?

After watching the show I felt kind of bad for the characters because in 10 years they will (hopefully) have matured, found what they really wanted in life and contributed to society and they will have a complete season set of DVDs showing how silly and foolish they were at 19.

At least the rest of us have those dark moments undocumented and not presented for entire country to see.


Heather said...

I was interested in seeing this show because, as ashamed as I am, I really liked Laguna Beach. You're review makes me a little less excited, but I think I'll still want to see it.

k said...

All I can say is Heidi... is she for real?

It is absolutely ridicules, but sadly I'll keep watching.