Thursday, July 10, 2008


Living in Boulder County means that I spend an absurd amount of time looking at cars PLASTERED in bumper stickers. It seems the more liberal you are, the larger number of stickers "decorate" the rear end of your automobile. I've learned that we should "coexist" with all religions, that no one voted for Bush and it is really important to keep Boulder weird.

I've never really considered adding a sticker to my car because I just can't take the commitment. I'd hate to make such an emphatic statement about my beliefs, only to have them change a year later and have to whip out my razor blade. No thanks.

Yesterday while driving down the road I saw a new sticker I'd never seen before. I loved this sticker so much that I wanted to jump out of my car Chinese-fire drill style and go hug the other driver.

See? Don't you want to be friends with this person?


Anonymous said...

:: most definitely

Anonymous said...

Heehee. Yep.
I heart Jon Stewart. :)

Alicia said...

Ha - that's a clever one! I too live in Boulder and totally know where you're coming from on the cars plastered with stickers. A bit ridiculous if you ask me!