Monday, July 07, 2008

Top 100

This week's cooking suggestion comes from the beautiful, talent, and very smart Poodle. Poodle and I have a lot in common. We went to undergrad together at the BYU, we both love shopping and getting good deals, we both love fake cheese flavored snacks and we both had our hearts broken by the same guy. (freaky, huh?!?!)

Anyway, clearly we share the same taste so when she suggested making crostini and bruschetta I heartily agreed. This weeks attempt:

Crostini and Bruschetta

Someday I will be the type of hostess who has amazing little treats like this waiting for my dinner party guests. It's not today.....probably not tomorrow either.

Reminder: If you want to join the club feel free!
This link has a list of all the different recipes from Bonappetit's top 100 dishes that we're going to try.


poodle said...

yay!!! i'm so excited to try this.

and speaking of derek, did i tell you i saw him a few weeks ago? he was passing through DC on his way to north carolina and needed a place to stay. my roommates got a kick out of him. too funny!

Maggie said...

Ooh! I love Bruschetta! This is one I can totally fit into our menu! YEAH!