Monday, July 12, 2010

Blackmail fodder

If you look through my parents photo albums you'll see lots of pictures of two little red-headed girls. You'll see a few pictures of my dad asleep on the couch and maybe one or two of my mom with awesome 80's hair.

(seriously, no one rocked 80's hair as hard as my mom did)

And I always wondered why there were so few pictures of my mom...until now. Now I totally get it. She was the one taking all the pictures.

I'm lucky that my man loves to take pictures, but lately I've been the one missing in most of the pics. For example, just look at the awesome photos that were taken this weekend at the Colorado Irish Festival.
The ear doctor wearing a legitimate "hunting knife"
My man wearing a $200 skirt

Having his face eaten off by a fox pelt

After an average day of plunder and pillage...

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dad said...

The last outfit will be great if Dan and Maggie go to Minnisota