Monday, July 19, 2010


Saturday it was just too hot. So hot that I felt myself getting really annoyed at the weather for inflicting so much discomfort on my poor, weak, privileged body.

Too hot to be home since our 80 year old little house has no AC.

Too hot to go outside since my red-headed constitution prevents exposure to weather over 100 degrees. When it's that hot outside I just melt into a grumpy puddle of goo.

Just too hot.

So we decided to go to the mall. (cue angelic choir)

There we were, crammed into the megaplex with our fellow under-conditioned Denver home owners. We strolled and laughed and passed the time as if we were 13 year olds with mothers who dropped us off at the curb.

And guess what? It just happened to be the Nordstrom anniversary sale! And after searching for almost a year I finally found sunglasses that, I think, work on my face:

As the sales girl was wrapping up my purchase I exclaimed with great pride, "oh, my optometrist is going to be so proud of me!"

Did you know that fair skinned red heads are much more likely to develop macular degeneration? Which means that when I'm old I could go blind simply because I didn't wear sunglasses?

So not only does the sun quickly and mercilessly burn my skin to a crisp, it will probably make me blind in the long run!

I'm just not cut out for this global warming thing....


heather said...

super cute! perfect for your face!

dad said...

You look great with your rebellion against the sun. Do we need to get a hotel room or are we going to Steamboat?

Katie said...

Call the ear doctor and ask him what is going on this weekend. It's a birthday suprise for me!

YOu are more than welcome to stay with us at the house if we stay in town! However, if you'd rather not melt in the heat of our house without AC, you might want to look into getting a hotel room...

Can't wait to see you both!