Thursday, July 15, 2010

First pickins

When I was little the only way I liked to eat zucchini was the same was I liked my shrimp: battered and fried. For some reason I thought it was bitter or slimy or maybe just too green to eat on it's own. I just didn't like it.

The summer between my junior and senior year of high school my mom shredded it up and put it in zucchini and chocolate chip cookies. I was invited to a super awesome party. It was hosted by the most popular girls in school and my mom made me take a baggie of these cookies to the party. I must have been totally out of my mind with nerves because I vividly remember being really embarrassed to take lumpy, homemade cookies to such a cool party.


Who doesn't like homemade cookies?

The only thing I remember about this party was that everyone LOVED those cookies.

And I decided that I could add "cookie form" to the list of how I would willingly eat zucchini.

And then I met the ear doctor (who has an almost freakish love for all things green) and we started grilling up zucchini. And boy, oh boy, was it good. So good that I couldn't even remember why I hadn't liked it as a kid. We'd go to the grocery store together and I was almost ashamed that I was actually BUYING the stuff that had so plentifully poured freely from my mom's back yard garden.

And so last night when we picked the first long, green zucchini from our very own back yard garden I remembered the stubborn little red-headed girl who turned up her nose at her mother's wise and generous offer to share fresh back-yard grown produce. I shook my head at how silly I'd been as my man tossed the juicy green slices with olive oil and salt. I wondered how many delicious eating opportunities I'd missed because I thought I "didn't like it" while the ear doctor slapped em on the grill. I marveled over all the future wonderful moments I'll be able to have eating fresh summer veg sitting next to my man out on our back yard deck.


dad said...

I always made fried zucinni. fried in lots of butter and seasoned just right, there is very little that can top that, unless it is hashbrowns.

Leslie said...

Yummmm...hey, I have a question. Do you guys use a gas grill or charcoal? I will totally take your example on this since the Ear Doctor is a super-cool grill master and all. Grilled eggplant is also to-die-for. I'm just sayin'.