Wednesday, March 26, 2014

An education

We're pretty sure that Sam is pretty lactose intolerant.

We are hoping he grows out of it, but for now we are avoiding lactose like the plague. You only have to see one little blistered bum to turn you a little gun shy.

However, the doctor said it was really important for him to get the fats and calcium from dairy. Lucky for me, I have a food scientist sister who informed me that when cheese is made most of the lactose gets thrown out with the whey and the curd (or cheese part) has very little lactose.

So we give Sammy cheese...lots and lots of it.

And he LOVES it.

The other day I was shredding some cheese for dinner and he saw the tell tale big orange Tillamook block. He looked up and me and said "cheess...peess" and made the baby sign language for more.

Translation: "Mother, you are the most wonderful woman in the world and I would greatly appreciate it if you would kindly spare me just a little piece of that wonderful orange stuff that I absolutely love. Thank you very much."

I ALMOST DIED it was so cute.

Here are all the types of cheese he has tried so far...they are all his favorites:

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Jane said...

Wow, what a choice of cheese. Some I have never heard of. He is going to be so educated about cheese. What a wonderful aunt that knows about the way cheese is made so he gets his calcium etc.
love you g-jane