Monday, March 10, 2014

Trying to be like...

Church was rough yesterday.

I decided to sit front and center with Sam hoping that the fewer other children distractions around him would help him be calm. This was a great idea...he was a perfect angle for most of the meeting.

The one time he lost his cool he was trying to crawl out from under the bench in front of us and make a break for it. I grabbed him before he could scoot out of my reach and he let out a deafening wail. I tried to take a breath, remain calm and remember that everyone around me is patient and it doesn't seem nearly as loud to other people. But the speaker in front of the whole congregation focused her entire talk on how to best teach little children to learn the gospel and understand what they should be doing at church.


Then, during the second speaker I took my eyes off Sam for 5 seconds and he pitched himself backward and fell, cracking his head on the pew in front of us. I scooped him up and tried to get out the door during that scary 3 second inhale before the scream really took hold, but wasn't fast enough. His wails echoed off the chapel walls as I heard the other speaker make some kind of remark (I didn't hear) and the whole congregation erupted in laughter at my expense.

Not my favorite day at church...but not the worst either...

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Mrs. Case said...

Eh, I'm not LDS but many, any of my friends are. On the occasions I have attended church with them, shrieking, distracted babies were like a requirement or something. Maybe I just visited wards with really young families? All this to say, nobody flinched. At all. Nor did they pay attention to who's kid it was. The lady who gave the first talk hopefully know the difference between engaging a child and keeping a toddler occupied! Hope you don't feel too bad about it. It happens!