Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pi day

On Friday we had a pi day party.

43 people filled my 700 square feet of entertaining space to the gills...and it was awesome.

I've been hearing a lot about the power of introverts and trying to decide what I am. From the very cursory "research" I've done (watching a TED talk) I gather that and extrovert is supposed to be energized by large groups of people, while and introvert is supposed to be exhausted by them.

Well, during the party I was on cloud nine...so many friends...so many people to talk to and laugh with...so many bellies to fill with food and love...

And even after everyone went home I was buzzing thinking about how everyone seemed to have a wonderful time...how I think everyone felt included and happy...and how the ear doctor and I were able to facilitate a good time had by all...

...but then the next day I was totally wasted. I just wanted to crawl in bed, read and tickle Sammy boy's little chubby toes.

I'm starting to think that the balance between extrovert and introvert is much more a spectrum than a binary measurement. And if I fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum how can I really own that?

On a totally different topic, I was invited (again) to a book club. I love reading, but don't really like book clubs. I don't want to feel pressured to read by a deadline, and I expressed those feelings to the person who invited me. I suggested instead that we have a podcast club where we all listen to the same podcast and then get together to talk about it. Less time commitment and guilt, still all the fun of getting together and dicussing ideas. Sounds great in my book.

Or, even better, a kind of moth/storytelling club where you get a topic and then come to the meeting with a story from your life about that topic to share with the group. That'd be pretty cool too...

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