Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Any suggestions?

So I am totally bored at work again and I was trying to find some interesting blogs to read. Since starting this I feel like I have become part of a group of people in the universe who like to tell strangers what is going on in their lives. My search this morning didn't yield very many blogs that I was really hooked by. My favorites so far are Loyd's (my little sister’s friend) and this girl's called "celibate in the city." Both of these blogs tell of the drama that is going on in their lives, which I find the most interesting. A good blog (in my opinion) is one that seems real. I don't like the ones that seem really pretentious and overly philosophical. I just don't have the energy to read them. Has anyone found cool blogs that are funny and well written?

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the narrator said...

i'm glad the drama in my life is giving you some entertainment ;)