Friday, June 04, 2004


Alright, so tonight is the opening night for Harry Potter and I am WAY excited for the movie. Me and every other little 10 year old kid. Anyway, my friends and I all made shirts for the movie. Mine says in big red letters "RON WEASLEY is my head boy." You wouldn't get it unless you've read book 5. Anyway, my roommate made one for her boyfriend that says "I (heart) Hermionie" and it has hearts on both of the sleeves. I can't believe he is actually going to wear it. He said he would dress up in anything as long as she held his hand. That makes me want to just puke. How come every feels the need to be mushy around me all the time?

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poodle said...

Hey, I think I may be just as excited as you are about Harry Potter. And we even got a new theater in town with 12 WHOLE SCREENS! I, however, didn't think of making t-shirts for the big event. Sometimes I wish I were more clever than I am.