Friday, June 04, 2004

Happy coupledome

So not that I am cynical because I am now relagated back to "single" status, but whats up with EVERYONE having a significant other around me? Honestly, I have like 3 friends who aren't dating. And even worse, they are all dating each other, which means that when we go on big group activities it somehow feels like a large group date with me as the chaperone or something.

Take last night. I was just casually sitting out on my front porch reading my book. The temperature was perfect, a sweet breeze lilting on the air, when my roommate and her boyfriend came up and starting talking. Don't get me wrong, I love my roommate, and I'm actually a big fan of this kid she is dating right now. He just came back from Hawaii, and brought me chocolate covered macadamia nuts (my dream). Yeah, I'm easy to impress, bring me back a gift and you have the roommate approval for life. Anyway, they haven't seen each other in over a week so the mushy factor has been increase by about a million percent. Gag! They mercifully left to go work out together (another whole topic of converstion) and I was left to collect my thoughts and continue reading. About an hour later Colin and Sarah came over and hung out for a while, so it was just the 5 of us. Actually, it isn't that bad because both of these couples are totally cool and don't make me feel akward to hang out with them, but the truth is still there. All four of them have people they are crazy about, who they would do anything for and I have me. Which, on second thought, is saying a lot since I am so cool.

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the narrator said...

i know how you feel. compounding my week was watching (what it seemed like) everyone around me finding good luck and progression in their relationships... and me finding... well... nothing...

luckily, life goes on :)