Monday, June 21, 2004

Father's Day

50 cool things about my dad:

1. My mom taught early morning seminary when my sister and I were in high school. Even though he didn't have to get up, he woke up at 5:30 and made us breakfast every morning. It was a huge sacrifice, but meant so much to me. To this day I don't really like pancakes because he once made them with 7-up and ruined them for life.
2. He watches C-span in the morning.
3. He wears a housecoat we affectionately refer to as "the coat of many colors" which isn't really long enough, and has no problem going out to get the mail wearing it.
4. When he gets mad coaching little league football he throws his hat to the ground and steps on it.
5. He can make friends with anyone.
6. He is the best pillow for naps during church.
7. Someone once said that the guy who marries me will be lucky, not because I am such a catch, but because my dad is so cool.
8. He gives the world's worst backrubs.
9. He thinks Elton John is the musical equal of Brahms and Beethoven.
10. He really loves my mom.
11. He has an amazing testimony of the gospel.
12. He makes the best fried potatoes.
13. He likes brussel sprouts almost as much as I do.
14. He can throw my brother over the back of the couch and never have to get up out of his seat.
15. He "gets allergies" when he says the words to give said the little stream.
16. He taught me to love football, even though I can't really throw a ball.
17. He thinks I am beautiful.
18. He knows all the words to the frist line of a million songs.
19. He always sees the good in people.
20. He is one of the hardest working people I know.
21. He can professionally install carpet.
22. He always buys treats at the movies.
23. He totally pulls off the "blonde" hairs that are starting to sprout up.
24. He is a total sucker for his grandkids.
25. He is the best dancer ever, (to see what he dances like, just watch Jack Black in School of Rock).
26. He is personally watching the career of Washington State Football player Jeremy Williams to make sure he doesn't get overlooked.
27. He has always been great to my boyfriends, even if he doesn't really like them.
28. He can build a really great fence.
29. His grass looks better than the neighbor's who had it professionally planted.
30. He thinks it is cool that my mom is a garden fanatic.
31. He always puts up Christmas lights.
32. He was a great example of strength and reliance on God's love to me when my aunt died.
33. He loves unconditionally.
34. He is always the one willing to sacrifice for family.
35. He and I have the same vacation style (we both like to DO things on a vacation instead of sit there and relax)
36. He encourages me to try new things, even if I am afraid I'll be bad at them.
37. He always thinks I am popular, even though I'm really not.
38. He thinks I'm funny.
39. He attended every violin concert while I was growing up, even thought he probably wished they were football games.
40. He thinks I'm a rocket scientist.
41. His favorite store at the mall is Williams & Sonoma.
42. He makes the best muffins.
43. Someday he will own a sports car.
44. He can play the harmonica like a champ!
45. He is my personal hero.
46. He is on the Washington State alumni football club, but went to Utah State.
47. He drives a tool box on wheels, every guy's dream.
48. He can fix pretty much anything, given enough time.
49. He raised two of the girliest girls on the planet.
50. I love him SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.

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Maggie said...

Don't forget that he'll sit there and hold you when you cry even if he doesn't know why or what to do and is probably freaked out that his little girl is crying. He'll still hold you.

Also, he falls asleep "watching TV" and it sound asleep and snoring, loudly, but when you try to turn it off he wakes up and says I was watching that and when you ask him what it was he was watching it's probably something from three hours ago.

I love him too! He is truly the greatest.