Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Harry Potter (second time and counting)

Yesterday I went to see Harry Potter again. It was pretty good, but since it was the second time and we were seeing at 10:15, it lacked the excitement and suspense required to keep me alert the entire time (translation...I fell asleep for about 10 minutes).

I started Da Vinci Code. So far it is pretty good, but at first it seemed like he was going to give me tons of superfluous information to the plot. Now that the story is really rolling, it is better. I REALLY hope that he and Sofie don't end up hooking up, because that would be a total repeat of the Vittoria Vetra story line he used in Angles and Demons. You know, the smart confident woman who has lost a loved one (in A&D it was her dad, in DVC it is her grandpa) and through all the experiences they share they end up in love. That would be lame, but maybe I'll like it after all.

Last night there was the most incredible lightening storm. The lightening filled the entire sky, like natural fireworks. I just sat on my porch playing my guitar and watching the sky. It was really nice to be alone and just taking that all in. I haven't been happy to be alone in a really long time but last night I was. It was nice to just think whatever I want and not feel the need to fill the silence with idle chatter. I haven't seen that kind of lightning storm since last summer with Bryan. We were just driving down the road in Provo and all the sudden we pulled over, sat on the curb and just watched. Neither of us felt the need to comment or talk, we just sat there together and watched. I miss having friends like that around.

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