Monday, June 07, 2004

This weekend....

Things I did this weekend:

-Only worked half a day on Friday
-Met friends in Boulder for lunch at Illegal Pete’s (which blows Cafe Rio out of the water). I could only eat half of my burrito. Sad showing.
-Came home and started looking for my Gryffindor scarf for the premier. Sadly, It was no where to be found.
-Put on my homemade Harry Potter t-shirt.
-Went with the Harry Potter crew to Galyans to show my best friend (in Colorado) who had to work what nerds we were. I think he was impressed that we thought to include him, although he didn't say anything, so maybe he thought it was weird.
-Showed up at the theatre in Denver an hour and a half early and sat in line. You could cut the excited tension with a knife. Some lady actually asked where I bought my shirt, which I thought was cool because I made it. While we waited, the theater provided little Lego kits of the knight bus. I thought that was a really good idea.
-The movie was AWESOME! True, it left out some really important facts, like the makers of the Marauder’s map, and that Harry's dad was a animangus and could turn into a stag (thus explaining why Harry thought it was his dad producing the patronus). We saw it on a IMAX screen, which I highly recommend because you are so close it feels like you are just hovering there with the movie happening all around you. So cool.
-Tried to get my car fixed Saturday morning, but it was going to take too long so I bailed.
-Bought new underwear instead of doing laundry (the definition of a lazy person with a disposable income)
-Finished Bourne Identity, then watched the movie. The book was alright, except the love scenes were stupid, and obviously written by a man for a man. The movie was lame. After reading the book, the movie lacked plot, intrigue and suspense. It was watered down and not very believable. Hollywood sucks.
-Went to go see Raising Helen. Thought the movie was alright, but kind of slow. Kate Hudson did a really good job, and even made me believe her character was upset. This movie is definitely a budget hour, or date movie (since that would be free).
-My new roommates and I made dinner together for the first time. They are nice girls, but I don't really see any potential for real friendship, which is too bad. After dinner we went to the park to play Frisbee. I kicked myself while attempting a fancy jump catch and now have an alarmingly large and dark bruise on my shin. I am the queen of grace.
-Met one of my neighbors who made fun of me going miniature golfing on a Saturday night.
-Went mini golfing with friends. It started out really fun, but by the end of the night something happened between me and a friend and we were both upset with each other. He was going to go to the grocery store with me after golfing, but when I showed up at his house he was already in bed. I was really confused. He was the one to remind me that I had to go to the store and then when I went over there he just bailed on me. Normally, I wouldn't care much, but this friend and I go way back and have history so when he lets me down I overreact and take it WAY too personally.
-Church was alright. Sometimes I have the hardest time concentrating on what is happening. After Sunday school Sarah, Colin and I got into a really interesting discussion. Colin asked me whether or not I thought that God needed faith, since he is omniscient. I said no, because faith implies a lack of knowledge. If someone knew everything, they wouldn't need faith. Faith is an entirely earthly concept. Once we die and have a better perspective of things there will be no need for faith. Then we started talking about the foreknowledge of God and the impact that has on our agency. My take was this: if God knew what we were going to do in every situation, which would take away our agency because God could never be wrong, so we could never make a choice contrary to what God already knew. This doesn't really sit well with me, and since I believe agency is our supreme gift in this life, God must not know everything that is going to happen. Colin and Sarah tried to tell me that just because God knows what is going to happen, we are still able to choose. I don't get it, so I've decided not to confuse my little brain anymore. God loves me, and wants to see me happy. That is what I understand and can live with.
-Relief Society was painful, as usual.
-After church I had to go to a meeting for my calling, which is FHE. This is perhaps the church's worst calling. As usual, I was left with coming up with a spiritual thought for the activity tonight. Don't they know that I don't have the effort to deliver a spiritual thought on a weekly basis? I don't get a manual or a block of scriptures, or even a topic. I have to be creative and thoughtful and unique every single week, and it kills me.
-Then, after that meeting I asked this new kid that is kind of intriguing to me to come over for "family dinner" at my house. On Sunday a group of my friends all get together and have dinner. I was going to make enchiladas. Well, this kid made me write out a map of how to get to my house, and he said he would be there at 4, with 5 of his roommates that I DIDN'T invite.
-I had to rush to my office to pick up the recipe, and then to the store to get the food (sorry mom for shopping on Sunday, but the ox was in the mire)
-I spent 2 hours preparing for 15 people to come over to my house for dinner.
-At 4 my friends all showed up. Sarah made about 5 pounds of Spanish rice because she was expecting 5 strange guys to eat a lot.
-At 4:30 this new kid called and said that they got stuck, but they were still planning on coming.
-At 5 they called and said they hadn't left their apartment yet, but could they still come. I said there wasn't much food left. He asked if I was making more. I was so shocked by his rudeness that I said no, and that we all were leaving for a party in 30 mins, so maybe we could do it another time. I couldn’t BELIEVE him. It made me feel like crap because I don't usually ask boys over. I'm hardly ever the pursuer of attention. Anyway, I seriously doubt they will be getting a second invitation from me. You only one chance to make a first impression, and believe me that is not a good way to go about it.
-My ex-boyfriend was there and later he told me that, for his sake, he was happy those guys didn't come over. It isn't fair that he gets jealous of me trying to move on and meet new people. He is the one who dumped me. He is the one who kicked me to the curb. If he didn't want me to flirt, or be with other people, then maybe he shouldn't have been so hasty to break up with me. Plus, he is the one who brought some ho-ish chick to our friend's BBQ last week. I told him once that it really hurt my feelings when he talked to that tramp on the phone in front of me. After mini-golfing he told me that he didn't see the difference between him doing that, and me being nice to other guys in front of him. At the time I didn't know what to say, but now that I've thought it over this is what I have to say to him:

There are two main differences in our situations. 1) he was the dumper, so he has the responsibility to be sensitive to me and my feelings. He did the hurting, so he should be the one to try to patch up the friendship, if he really wants it like he says he does. 2) The guys I am flirting with are strangers. They are not people that I am making out with (like he is with his little friend).

-After dinner we went to a friend’s birthday party. It was nice, but I only stayed an hour.
-After that a few of us went swimming, which was SO nice.

This is the world's longest entry, so if you made it to the end of this saga, you deserve a medal.


the narrator said...

your sister and i have discussed god's foreknowledge a few times. she doesn't like talking about it... aint that right maggie ;)

i believe god does not know the absolute future. believing he does can make a nice security blanket, but i'd rather believe that he is just as involved in this battle as we are.

here are a few things i have written about it.

take care

poodle said...

I'm extremely confident that God does know everything. Otherwise, we couldn't have faith in Him. He just knows everything we're going to do before we do it, because he knows us so well. Sometimes our parents know something we'll do beforehand, because they know us well enough to predict how we'll react to certain things. Just because they know that doesn't mean we don't have our agency.

the narrator said...

i don't want to start an arguement here, but i don't see why absolute foreknowledge is required for us to have faith in god? What is more important... god's foreknowledge.. or his love for us and his relationship for us. As far as the 'parents can kow about there children' thing goes, it is faulty as i try to show on my paper i gave a link to.

poodle said...

yeah, sorry, i'm not trying to argue, either. it all makes sense in my head, but i'm not so great at explaining myself. and the parents thing isn't such a great argument, i agree. no hard feelings. :)

Maggie said...

Wow, Loyd I'm impressed! That was very good of you not to start an argument. Way to go! I think the reason I don't like talking about it is 1) same as my sister, I'm not sure what I think and trying to figure it out makes my head hurt, I have faith that it'll all work out in the end, but I see both sides of the issue and 2) I don't like fighting with you.