Wednesday, June 16, 2004

My life is an endless cycle of bad movies

So last night my roommate and I went to see Stepford Wives. This movie was horrible. The story had some potential, but it just didn't hook me at all. Plus, half way through the movie, the sound cut out and the "movie tunes" started playing. Maybe I missed a critical part of the plot during those 3 minutes, but I seriously doubt it. The only character I really found entertaining was the flamboyantly gay guy. Other than that the movie was slow, predictable, and shallow.

In an attempt to break the cycle of bad movies, I went to Target and bought 50 first dates. Eric came over and watched it with me. It was kind of weird because when I saw it in the theaters we were together and holding hands and stealing looks at each other during cute scenes. This time when love scenes came on I had to keep telling myself that we were over and that it is better this way. Which it really is....I'm least I think so anyway.

So here is what not to do. Yesterday I told my stand in boss that I don't have any work. Since my real boss is away on vacation for the week, I am kind of leaderless. Anyway, today my stand in boss gave me the task of updating the weekly drawing tree. This doesn't sound like any fun at all. It will probably take me 15 minutes once I really sit down and do it, and I have nothing else to do for the rest of the day. I really need to get on a new program here at my company. This one is slowly draining my life force away.

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