Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Being a "Joiner"

So last night was FHE, again. I went, again. None of my normal circle of friends from the whole past year went. I started getting frustrated because I didn't understand the mentality of just sitting around and not going. I had a really good time with the people that were there, even though they weren't my "closest" friends. Once again I realized the importance of being a "joiner." You miss so much in life if you think you are "too cool" for things. Almost anything can be fun if you show up with a positive attitude. I learned this from one of my greatest friends, Derek. I think this is an important quality, and one I value in others.

I spent a lot of time with this guy last night, and I think I feel the beginnings of a crush forming, which is exciting. Last night was the first time I didn't have one dream about my ex-boyfriend, and when I woke up in the morning I didn't think of him at all until I realized that I hadn't thought about him. It is true that finding another distraction helps you get over the previous one. Anyway, I think I am going to start a full out assault on this kid and see what happens. Wow, that sounds really scary. By "full out assault" I mean I'll call him up some time and see if we can hang out. I'm so aggressive.

Anyway, another interesting thing that happened to me yesterday: I was just sitting in my nice little cubical and all of this sudden this stranger came in. He said, "I know this may be a little forward, but would you be interested in having lunch with me some time this week? Tuesday or Thursday works best for me." I was really surprised and said sure, for Thursday. I'm really excited because stuff like this hardly ever happens to me. Plus, I'm always up for meeting new people. It is kind of hard for me to meet people outside of my church. It is just so easy to let church people be my entire social world. I need to remember to branch out and find other people who have my same interests. I need to not be socially lazy so much and be a little more proactive.

So tonight my friend Marie and I are going out to dinner at a new restaurant on Pearl called Naked Fish. I'm way excited because I haven't been able to hang out with her in FOREVER and she is one of the coolest chicks I know here.

This is my schedule for the day (just so all of you who aren't in corporate America understand how dumb working is)

7:30 arrive at work and begin checking email, reading friend's blogs, writing my own blog

8:20 make myself some hot chocolate and go talk to my co-worker about how dumb the software that we use is.

9:00 go to a mandatory meeting about Export control. I will probably spend the time during this meeting looking around to see if there is anyone cute in the whole auditorium, followed by a hour of trying not to doze off.

11:00 drive up to Boulder for my monthly group meeting

11:30 lunch and group meeting (I haven't gone to one of these in the year I've worked with the company were I didn't doze a little)

1:30 get back to my cubical and check my email again, and my voice mail. Probably spend the next 30 minutes answering the questions left on my machine.

2:00 meet with the guy who stood me up for the meeting yesterday to talk about design requirements for a heat exchanger I'm designing.

3:00 get started on my heat exchanger

4:00 check my email again, check my phone again, fill out my time card

4:30 go home.

All in all I got paid for 8 hours of work, but actually I only did 1 hour. Pretty impressive, huh.


katezmom said...
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Anonymous said...

As another member of Corporate America, I am impressed with your accomplishment. I dream of doing only 1 hour of work a day. Unfortunately, I usually get sucked into doing at least 3. *sigh* I will suggest to the partners that we have more meetings. That seems to work well for you. tata dahling Michele

Anonymous said...
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