Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Very bad things

Yesterday after work I stopped by the mall on the way home. This new guy I am interested in works at Nordstrom, which is very bad for two reasons. First, Nordstrom is my weakness. I love the store. I don't need any excuse to go in a drop my money like a 20 lb brick. Actually giving me a reason to go there is really bad. Secondly, it is on my way home from work, so I can't avoid going by and thinking, "I bet he is at work, and my wardrobe could use a little infusion." Anyway, he wasn't at work, and this time I actually asked someone if he was there. I am such a nerd and kind of afraid that I am a scary stalker girl. Must get my head back on body and let him come to me.

Went out with Marie for dinner at Naked Fish. The salmon was actually not bad, even though I live in a landlocked state. The only kind of annoying thing was that we opted to sit outside on the patio and the when the breeze blew through the trees little bits of nasty nature fell into our plates. Kind of gross, but c'est la vie.

Afterward I went with Marie to her church services. She goes to first Presbyterian in Boulder. The speaker made some really interesting points and pretty much all of her talk could have been given over the pulpit at my church, so I was fairly comfortable. After the lesson, everyone got up and was mingling and talking. I didn't know anybody and it felt like the first time you show up at a singles ward. You're just standing around looking for anybody to talk to you and be nice. Luckily, a few people did so I felt alright about that. On the plus side, there was a far denser population of good looking boys in her church. That's always nice.

It started to rain pretty hard so we decided to skip the traditional trek to coldstone and I came home. On my way home I talked to this kid named Ryan on the phone. I invited him to go camping with my crew for the weekend. After finding out more details about the trip he decided not to come, which was a bummer, but the whole phone conversation really pumped me up. I was actually funny and interesting on the phone, and we talked for almost 15 minutes, which is really good for me since I hate talking the phone. Anyway, he practically asked me out for sometime next week. Stay posted for more info.

Also, my death crush from 5 years ago called me up to talk. I didn't get the phone, but he left a message. It was nice to hear his voice. I like talking to people from the past because it reminds me of how much I have grown up and improved.

Lastly, I called up my good friend Alan and convinced him to come camping with us this weekend. He hurt his knee, so he was considering not coming. Then, I reminded him that 1) we won't be doing any backpacking so there won't be two packs for him to carry and 2) he is going with me and I don’t really DO strenuous physical activity. I am really excited for him to meet all my friends and be social because sometimes I worry he is just sitting down there in New Mexico going to work every day, riding his dirt bike every evening and going to bed without having talked to a single person all day. Yikes.

So all this male attention is making me feel normal again. It is really hard for me to not have it since the last two years at BYU I was surrounded by guys and although it was all just platonic (except for Derek of course) I still miss having those kinds of friendships.

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