Monday, June 14, 2004

The weekend

So the Monday morning blogs are going to be really long because I don't have the internet and home and I come in early to use my work computer to enter all this stuff. Just and explanation for the curious.....

The surprise part for Sarah went of without a hitch. It was so fun to just have a group of close friends sit around and talk. For some reason lately I have been cast as the court jester of my friends. I feel like I am the person that everyone is sitting around watching and waiting for them to say something funny. I haven't been that person for a really long time. I am not a "yellow" personality at all, but lately I feel like that is becoming my niche in the group. Maybe it is because everyone else is dating someone so as the token single gal I feel like I have to perform to tear their attention away from their significant other. Well, whatever the cause, I am quickly becoming the amusement of the group. I'm not really sure if I like it yet or not. Stay posted.

So get this...
Last Sunday (as week ago) my friend Greg invited me to go out on his boat on Saturday to do a little water skiing. I love water skiing, so the promise of this activity is what sustained me through the hellish work week. Also, I was my friend Sarah's birthday so I invited her and Colin to go with us. I thought this would be fine because Greg told me to invite a couple of people. Anyway, I tried calling him Wednesday, then Thursday. I still hadn't heard from him, so I called his parent's home number. I was that desperate. I got a hold of him and he told me that his cell phone didn't get reception at his parent's house (where he is living for the summer between years of med school). I thought, "Convenient". Anyway, I lightheartedly asked him if we were in fact going to go out the next day. He informed me that he actually had already invited other people, so there wasn't room for me. I felt totally rejected. I hate it when I get ditched because it drags up fairly painful memories of high school parties that I didn't get invited to, or group outings that I was "mistakenly" not informed of. Anyway, he was sincerely apologetic and said that we'd go next weekend, but how am I supposed to really believe that he wants to hang out with me. Whatever. His loss.

Instead, we went to the Denver Zoo. It was really fun and kind of disturbing at the same time. One of the gross things that happened, that I can write about without getting totally nauseated, happened in the gorilla house. We were just sitting there watching the gorillas, when the big male kind of rolled over and puked. If that weren't gross enough, he then started to use his index finger to scoop it back up and eat it again. This was totally nasty, but not the end. I guess he thought that the finger to the mouth technique wasn’t effective enough, because he then proceeded to lower his face to the cement and in two great slurps he sucked it all back up off the floor of his less than sterile cage. I was gagging and had to look away or the little blonde headed 6 year old in front of me was going to have Katie puke all over him. I really don't do well with that stuff.

An equally disturbing thing I saw at the zoo did not occur inside a pen, but amongst the onlookers. I was just casually walking down the wide cement path between the snow leopard and the zebras when I saw it. There was a four year old boy sitting in a stroller. At first this looked normal until I noticed that this kid had a full on Mohawk. The sides of his head were shave and everything. The odd thing was that the parents looked totally normal. I was totally confused. Obviously this child was not going through any kind of self exploration or teenaged rebellion. The parents had to have done that to their own kid. I was totally confused. What is this society coming to when normal looking parents give their kid a Mohawk. Is this going to become mainstream? If so, what will punk rock kids do to be "different"? Get a crew cut?

Sunday I was getting ready to go to church when I checked my phone and realized that I had a message. It was my ex-boyfriend. He had been spending the weekend in Utah at his brother's wedding. His flight landed at 10:30, which was very inconvenient as church starts at 10. Anyway, he was planning on taking the bus back from the airport, but he called me and left the most pathetic message I have ever heard in my life. He said he was sick and couldn't take the bus and would I please come get him. This was a serious dilemma for me. Keep in mind that a month ago I asked him to take me to the airport before a week long trip and he said no, so I ended up paying $60 to park my car out there. Anyway, it only took me a minute to decide that there was no way I was going to leave him sick and stranded at the airport. He is my best friend here still. Anyway, I told my roommate Amy about it and she said I should just let him figure it out on his own. I told my parents I was helping him and my mom thought it was a bad idea. I got him home, went to the store to get him some sick person supplies, and then we both took naps at his house. Boys are such babies when they don't feel well.

I spent the whole rest of the day doing the mountain of laundry that had steadily built up to almost unmanageable girth. It took me 5 hours. I was going to go back over to his house to watch a movie, but I had a headache and went home.

I really wanted to go to church so that I could be rude to those guys who snubbed me for dinner last week, but I guess my immaturity will have to wait. Darn.

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Maggie said...

I would have picked him up at the airport too whether or not it was a good idea. Being a nice person regardless of what else happens is really important to me. I think it's chill.